Tuesday, June 8, 2010

ABORTION: The Silent Scream

This film was made in 1984 and shows an actual abortion performed on an 11 week old unborn child. I don't post this film simply to be shocking but to demonstrate the hideous reality of "pro-choice". This disgusting act is performed thousands of time a day in the United States. Please be warned: this film is extremely graphic.

"I accuse them of abandoning the canons and principles which lent legitimacy to their organizations, and caving in to the trendy political fashions of the moment. I accuse them of a heinous abuse of their professional trust in failing to protect this unborn patient in their charge. I accuse them of voluntary collaboration in an unprecedented surgical holocaust against these mute and defenseless victims, and I accuse all physician members of these organizations who fail to speak up against this unspeakable crime of complicity in that crime. History will not forgive them."

- Dr. Bernard Nathanson


  1. Anyone who would do this to an unborn child a living breathing person who has no way to communicate yet but counts on his or her love ones to protect them. Should be thrown in prison and never let out right along with the doctors that perform these. It is committing a crime , its killing a living human being and shouldn't be able to get away with it.