Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"When Red Men Talk War" by Charles Russell

This painting entitled "When Red Men Talk War" was painted by Charles Russell (1864-1926). Russell lived in Montana and created over 2000 paintings featuring Indians, cowboys and the Old West.

My great-grandfather lived in Montana at the same time and was given a copy of this painting by Russell himself. Today it hangs on the wall of my grandmother's house. I saw this painting often when I was a kid as my family used to spend Christmas at my grandparents house.

I wanted my own copy and so went looking for one on eBay and found that copies done by Russell himself generally sell for thousands of dollars. That being more than a little out of my price range, I settled for a reproduction that I found from another seller on eBay.

Russell had a wonderful talent for art which in my opinion, rivals that of fellow Old West painter Frederick Remington.


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