Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Future of the NDGOP

Here in North Dakota the Tea Party is seen as something of a threat to the NDGOP. I am delighted by this.

One thing you should know about me is that, while I sure as hell am not a Democrat, neither am I a Republican or an Independent. I am a Conservative. If I had to apply a political label to myself it would be: Constitutional Conservative. This means that I believe in absolutely strict adherence to the US Constitution. In fact the main problem I have with the Constitution is that it is not strict enough when describing the powers that are delegated to the federal government. I believe the Constitution needs to be amended to seriously curtail the powers and growth of the government, and to make sure that certain powers remain only with the states. Which is where they belong.

Now, it is true that I have always voted Republican. This is because the Republican candidates are generally preferable to Democrat ones. Yes, I voted for these people, but that does not mean that I agree with them 100%.

I voted for Bush, but he did many, many things that I did not like. He was too lax on illegal immigration (as is McCain), and he spent money like he was printing it in the White House basement. And one of the biggest problems I have with Republican politicians is that a great many of them not only do things that are clearly unconstitutional, but for some reason feel a need to be "compassionate". So they legislate welfare programs that only increase the amount of handouts that the tax payers have to fund.

I didn't like too much about McCain, but he was (and still is) infinitely preferable to Obama and his insane policies.

So that's essentially how I feel about the Republican Party. I vote for them, only because they are preferable to the Democrats.

Now I've had a great many complaints about the NDGOP (even though I still prefer them to the local Democrats). And lately the NDGOP is feeling "threatened" by the Tea Party.

I have absolutely no allegiance to the GOP, or any other party, simply because I have voted for them in the past. What I do have loyalty to is the principles of the Constitution and limited government.

And one of the problems with the GOP is that many within it, are not acting in the best interests of their constituents, but in the best interests of the GOP (this is something that Washington warned of). And the two are not synonymous.

If the NDGOP has to die in order to make way for a party that really does adhere to the Constitution, then let it die, and quickly.

Unless the NDGOP starts adhering to Conservative, Constitutional principles, then it eventually will get replaced by a party that does.

And I will be very happy when that happens.

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