Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Father is a Clone - Gary Stollman

In August of 1987, a man named Gary Stollman, whose father worked at KNBC as a drug expert, barged onto the studio of KNBC in Los Angeles, California. David Horowitz was engaged in a consumer report newscast. Stollman held a gun to Horowitz's head and demanded that he read aloud a statement that he had brought with him. Horowitz complied and read the statement, however KNBC had actually switched to a commercial, which Stollman was unaware of. When Horowitz finished reading the statement, Stollman put down the gun, which was actually just a toy, and surrendered.

I'm posting the text of Stollman's statement. Not because I actually believe in what he wrote, but because I think it provides an excellent look at mental illness. After reading this, it becomes easy to imagine the terror this person must have been under.

At the end of this post is a video of the incident.


The man who has appeared on KNBC for the last 3 years is not my biological father. He is a clone, a double created by the Central intelligence Agency and alien forces. It is only a small part of a greater plot to overthrow the United States government, and possibly the human race itself. The CIA has replaced and tried to destroy my family, and those of my friends.

Although I have known about this since 1981, I have not taken any action about it for fear of the lives of my family. I have been forced into CIA-run mental hospitals, such as Cedars-Sinai Thalians, where I am shown being interviewed by many doctors, although I spoke to nobody there for two weeks. At UCLA-NPI, I attempted to have myself released by a court several times, but was asked by a Dr. Martin Zsuba to keep removing my requests for a writ-hearing. I have been unable to obtain records from several other hospitals, including Ben Taub hospital in Cincinnati, where all the phones were turned off for 48 hours after I arrived.

I do not know where my real family or others are being held, but I believe it is somewhere in California. The records for Ben Taub Hospital, I have been informed, no longer exist, or have been misplaced.

I heard an interview a few weeks ago, on radio station KPFK, in which a former CIA official told a college audience in San Diego how the CIA has towed barges filled with diseases across New York Harbor, placed lightbulbs in the subways to create vertigo, and cameras to observe the reactions, and may have created the AIDS virus to wipe out the gay population.

He also spoke of secret teams that were created after World War II. I say that the CIA assassinated John F. Kennedy and the 22 material witnesses that day, who all died within 2 years of each other, a mathematical impossibility. What they are capable of, I know only too well. I demand the public release of all secret Air Force files concerning UFOs, which were kept secret even from Senator Barry Goldwater. On my way back from Expo 86 last year, I heard a broadcast in Oregon that he once asked to see the files and was told, "Hell, no!" I demand that release of information concerning the objects contained in Hanger 18 at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, now obscurely referred to as the Environmental Control Building, the most highly guarded building in the world. Why has the knowledge of such advanced beings and equipment been kept so secret that even the United States Congress does not know?

I would have been satisfied to let my situation stand if it were only I and my family who were at stake here. However, I spoke to a girl at Florida Junior College two summers ago, who related the story to me of how seven of her friends had also been replaced. She said that she had written absence excuses for them when they weren't sick, then they disappeared for a week, only to come back with different personalities. Unless we act swiftly, there may not be very much hope for any of us. These people, or whatever they are, are taking over the phone services right now. The CIA is either doing this themselves, or are helping them.

I was warned in 1981 by someone with connections to the CIA to stay off computers, that they didn't trust people on computers. Then I began receiving disturbing calls from my parents, which led me to believe that something terrible was going on. I was forced into a mental hospital in Tallahassee, where I learned that my brother in law had been driven insane in the same manner that someone was trying to do to me. I eventually was released, but then my mom came down to visit me and I knew it was an impostor. I know that the secret service is involved in this as well, so who knows just how far this has gone in five years. I know of a counselor named Pat, who worked at the Optimist Boys School near Pasadena, who was involved in recruiting members for some secret group or people. Apparently they adopted orphans and gave them fake IDs and birth certificates. Since we already know of a secret group led by the President's own staff, someone had better find out what is going on and fast. I only know that there are beings around us now with the power to teleport instantaneously and do the same to others, who can read and control minds, and transform matter into other forms or create it at will.

I ask for a Congressional Investigation and Federal protection for my family, and those involved. There is no way I can harm anyone with an empty BB gun.


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